our story

On working with different groups of artisans from various villages in Ladakh, we came to realise that they could possibly be the last generation possessing these skills. That is when the concept of Hatti cropped up. 

'Hatti' which means shop in Ladakhi, is a place where consumers can not only purchase local Ladakhi handicrafts but also learn and eventually engage with local artisans. This in turn would help preserve these handicraft traditions.

The goal of this initiative is to use sustainable tourism as a driving force to tackle various social and economic issues such as urban rural migration, alternate education and promotion of a localised economy.


our team

Rigzin Wangmo Lachic, Founder, Dolkhar

Born in Ladakh, did her schooling from The Lawrence School Lovedale, and pursued her career in IT for 3 years in Tokyo and Delhi.

Bérengère Guillon, HOKA association, France

Has been visiting Ladakh for four years and is an associate with the HOKA association which supports various initiatives for the socio and economic development of Ladakh