Metal work

The metal workers of Ladakh are said to be the descendants of artisans brought from Nepal in the 17th century to build the gigantic Buddha. Presently, these people are considered experts in making idols of Gods/Goddesses, sculptures, small furniture and showpieces of various metals. Local artisans also use silver, brass and copper to design items for domestic and religious use including tea pots, teacup-stands and lids, hookah- bases, ladles and religious idols.

Chiling is about 19 kms up the Zanskar river from Nimo, home to a community of artisans that work on silver, brass and copper, and produce items for domestic and religious use such as tea and chang pots, tea-cup stands and lids, hookah bases, ladles and bowls, and silver chortens for installation in temples and domestic shrines.


Craftsmanship in general has not moved out of the realm of personal and domestic uses.